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Anne-Sophie Mouraud

Master Freediver & Breathwork coach committed to protect our oceans. I change your world one breath at a time. Above or below the surface.

4 session series - Introduction to Pranayama, learning to connect to the breath, exploring various breathwork techniques, theory on mechanisms and biochemistry of breathing, nervous system and vagus nerve, basics meditation and visualization techniques. This series is for anyone looking to improve breathing habits or add healthy, holistic practices into daily life. At the end of the 4 sessions, you’ll have like a toolbox to be able to adjust your practice to your unique needs.
6 session series - Fine tune the breath-mind connection towards a level of heightened awareness. Includes Pranayama breathwork sessions with additional more advanced breathold techniques, a series of stretching and flexibility exercices, mindfullness techniques. The 6 session series is a wonderful breathwork regime for those wanting to improve freediving skills and expand into deeper breathwork.
Breathwork - 1 session