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Amy Von Der Ahe

I am a specially trained 500RYT yoga instructor using and teaching yoga to help clients Reshape Grief. Specializing in restorative practices and yoga therapeutics I coach clients how to alleviate the devastating side effects of loss and grief. After the loss of my oldest son, I serve to help you manage your trauma, loss and grief.

28 Day Journey
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Amy is a passionate and knowledgeable coach, teacher and guide. She has more than 20 years of experience leading group and private classes, workshops and retreats. She is an avid student of both her lineages and yoga philosophy. With a deep connection to the spiritual aspect of yoga Amy teaches with strong undertones of the true science of yoga, not just the asanas. Her aim is to help students achieve their own personal goals. Her coaching comes from a perspective of healing and empowerment, with an emphasis on yoga therapeutics. ek The Reshaping Grief Program is a 12 we guided program that takes members through a proven system to help alleviate the pain and suffering brought on by loss and grief. After the loss of her 15 year old son, Amy was completely debilitated. She suffered from chronic physical pain and fatigue, depression and anxiety, and an complete and total lack of hope. Amy used her vast knowledge and experience with yoga to help herself. She started at the beginning, just like she teaches in the program, and went one day at a time, one step at a time, and one breath at a time. Amy\\\\\\\'s yoga practice saved her. It brought her back to a place of strength and hope - both physically and emotionally. Her 12 Week Reshaping Grief Program gently guides members through her exact process. She personally coaches each member through each stage of the program. Join us to Reshape you body, mind and spirit.

Pacific Blue Yoga (August 2009 – Present)

Job Title: Lead Intructor

Vidya Yoga

Ancient Vedic Yoga & Philosophy

500 Hour Teacher Training (September 2020)

Vidya Yoga

Ancient Vedic Yoga & Philosophy

200 Hour Teacher Training (September 2018)

Yoga Body

Science of Stretching

Flexibility Coach (November 2021)

Bikram Yoga College of India

Bikram Teacher Training

Bikram Yoga Certified Instructor (June 2009)

My soul purpose is to help you survive grief - physically and emotionally. -I have extensive training in anatomy and physiology as it applies to yoga -I am a Grief Specialist -I am Empathetic and Understanding -I am dedicated to each member, providing 1:1 coaching and support

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