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Amy is a wonderful teacher! I had the great chance to be taught some Vinyasa classes and it felt soooo good afterwords ... Amy is always paying attention to the slightest detail in order to bring you to the perfect alignment, together with the right type of breathing. She shows and demonstrate so well but more than all she is looking at her students and giving personalized advice whenever needed. Thank you for this super experience Amy !!!!
- Laurence (Mar 2022)
Amy‘ s teaching was so helpful! She’s got a great understanding of the body and knows how to cue you in using it for your practice! She’s warm, welcoming and focused on how she can be of service. I enjoyed her classes a lot and look forward to more in the future!
- Anja (Nov 2021)
Amy is a great teacher! Her instructions are so clear and she clearly has a deep knowledge of the body and muscles which makes her yoga classes "click". I would recommend anyone to take a class with her!
- Catherine (Nov 2021)
Taking class from Amy is an absolutely wonderful experience! She provides clear instructions and helpful tips to get better at the poses you are practicing. I was having trouble with balancing on one leg, and she took the time to guide me into a better experience by helping me to concentrate on specific muscles in the anchor leg and core.
- Todd (Nov 2021)
Amy is a great teacher! I love her positive voice, her smile, her way to teach. With Amy you feel confident to flow into each pose, she supports you and gives you the right cues to get into it. A class full of positive energy! Thank you Amy! Amy est une professeur géniale! J’aime sa voix positive, son sourire, sa façon d’enseigner. Amy vous donne la confiance d’entrer dans chaque posture, elle vous encourage et vous donne les bonnes instructions pour la réussir. Un cours plein d’énergie positive! Merci Amy!
- Diane (Nov 2021)
Love Amy’s classes! She’s got great energy and is so precise when she teaches! I was also able to do cow-face arms (well, touch my fingertips together) for the first time in her class which was huge for me! She knows how to make you super bendy which has always been a huge goal for me. Thanks Amy!
- Nancy (Nov 2021)

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