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I'd hadn't tried Yoga before and was a bit sceptical. Amanda created a wonderfully relaxed setting and helped with some of the positions as i have an old injury which prevented me from achieving, so she worked through alternate options with me. I came away after each session feeling very relaxed and i certainly found the type of yoga (yin) she has recommended to be the best option for me. I would highly recommend her classes.
- Emma (Sep 2022)
Thank you Emma! I really appreciate the kind words!
- Amanda Finkl (Sep 2022)
Amanda has been a wonderful part of my yoga journey. She is always patient, thoughtful and adaptable, especially if I’m struggling with an injury (frozen shoulder!). She is a lovely, approachable teacher who is also good for a giggle. I love how she’s constantly evolving through her reading, and her curiosity and passion is boundless.
- Kerry (Sep 2022)
Thank you so much Kerry! We definitely got the giggles at times, didn't we!?
- Amanda Finkl (Sep 2022)
Amanda created a very relaxed atmosphere for our Yin Yoga classes. She listened to the needs of the attendees and adapted the classes to suit various levels of experience. In a busy, chaotic world we all need to pause and help to restore calm to our lives. Amanda was instrumental in helping us achieve this.
- Clara (Sep 2022)
Thank you Clara! I sure loved our rooftop yoga classes!
- Amanda Finkl (Sep 2022)
As someone who had not tried out yoga before I was very anxious and Amanda was the best! She was such a patient and knowledgeable Yoga teacher, answered all my questions and asked her own in terms of my physical capabilities and adapted her Yin yoga routine accordingly. I enjoyed attending my classes with her and highly recommend her sessions!
- Gabriella (Sep 2022)
Thanks so much Ella! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the classes!
- Amanda Finkl (Sep 2022)
I had private and group lessons with Amanda in CSV, Swing and Yin Yoga. Amanda is a very kind, patient and supportive yoga teacher. Classes are fun and adapted to your fitness level. I just loved going to her yoga classes and recommend her very much.
- Emi (Sep 2022)
Thanks Emina! I love that you are always so willing to try new things! I really enjoyed our beach yoga mornings followed by coffee and swimming!
- Amanda Finkl (Sep 2022)

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