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Afaf is excellent at motivating and pushing one’s limit, she excites a person to do right not only physically but also mentally. She cares about all details like physical posture, stretching right, food intake and the list goes on and she always follows up and stays updated with the progress. Shes excellent at always finding a solution to anything and theres no impossible with her, she will find any way to make the person reach their goal even if theyd have to walk around the house to keep their body moving to get their steps in. She has no room for excuses or limitations. Shes a great support system, when i wanted to give up several times or when i have my low moments, she would talk so much sense and convince me to brush it off and keep pushing. No giving up with her. If im having a bad, stressful, long day and have a session with her, her energy gives me so much energy and motivation that once our session is done i look forward to do some more workouts. She really bring joy to my days, even when im not around or traveling she makes sure to check in on me. I love how she always give extra time from our session to motivate me without even mentioning that our session or time is up, i really appreciate her kindness, love and support.
- Hessa (Oct 2022)
Coach Afef, became much more than a coach, way beyond that.. we became friends like we knew each other years ago, we talked a lot, laughed, cried, shared things and thoughts .. your energy, your soul and you being around added a light to my life 🤍 YOU HAVE BEEN MISSED…….
- Mariam (Sep 2022)
كوتش عفاف أجمل واصدق الشخصيات شاطرة بشغلها كتير ومعلوماتها جدا قيمة وفاهمة شو بتعمل هه شريرة بس المهم توصلك للهدف انبسطت كتير بالتعامل معك كوتش واكيد رح نضل سوا لنوصل لهدفنا 👍
- ريهام (Aug 2022)
مدربه عفاف من افضل المدربين الي جربتهم كان مقابلتي الها صدفه و من احلى الصدف الي غيرتلي حياتي مع اني جربت قبل هيك كزا مدربه غيرها ببس ماحدا فهملي غيرها كنت احس بالم بظهري شديد هيا الوحيده الي عرفت تقويليلي عضلاتي و خصوصا بعد ما خلص تمارين معها ما يستمر الالم يعني مو علاج مؤقت متل المدربين التانيين شكرا كوتش
- Noha (Aug 2022)
You are not just a life coach, you are just doing everything My experience with you was one of the best experiences in it. I felt the true meaning of changing my life And the psychological is better and the weight has gone down and the focus on work has increased And positivity at its best A word of thanks does not give you your right
- Hanaa alshier (Nov 2021)
كوتش عفاف الحكي قليل عليكي انتي مو مدربه حياه فقط انتي عم تشتغلي عكل شي تجربتي معك من أحلى التجارب فيها حسيت بالمعنى الحقيقي ل انو غيرتي حياتي والنفسيه أفضل والوزن نزل والتركيز بالشغل زاد والايجابية في الحياه في احلى مراحلها كلمه شكر لاتفيكي حقك
- Hanaa (Nov 2021)
كوتش عفاف الحكي قليل عليكي انتي مو مدربه حياه فقط انتي عم تشتغلي عكل شي تجربتي معك من أحلى التجارب فيها حسيت بالمعنى الحقيقي ل انو غيرتي حياتي والنفسيه أفضل والوزن نزل والتركيز بالشغل زاد والايجابية في الحياه في احلى مراحلها كلمه شكر لاتفيكي حقك
- Hanaa (Nov 2021)
كوتش عفاف الحكي قليل عليكي انتي مو مدربه حياه فقط انتي عم تشتغلي عكل شي تجربتي معك من أحلى التجارب فيها حسيت بالمعنى الحقيقي ل انو غيرتي حياتي والنفسيه أفضل والوزن نزل والتركيز بالشغل زاد والايجابية في الحياه في احلى مراحلها كلمه شكر لاتفيكي حقك
- Hanaa (Nov 2021)
I am sooo happy with the fact that I found this amazing lady! I do need some push and motivation and Afef makes it in exactly the right way to achieve the result. She is committed and well organized. The diversity of exercises she plans for her clients makes sessions fun and helps you not to get bored.
- Irina (Jul 2021)
I’ve been struggling with weight issues all my life. I’ve never been really active before but at some point I knew I had to change something about my health lifestyle. I had the chance to meet Afef Tayechi, as a personal trainer and she literally change my life into the best version of it, a version that I had no idea about. I dropped around 30kg thanks to her support. I was suffering from knee pain and discomfort after my ACL surgery. My legs were so weak that I couldn’t do any workout or even walk a long distance. It was not getting any better despite countless physiotherapy sessions, my weight was increasing so my knee was getting even more swollen and sore. I needed more flexibility and stability to get back on track. Afef Tayechi is a very passionate yoga instructor. She helped me a lot to understand better my body and feelings. I needed to rehabilitate my body through dietary changes and exercises including meditation and healing vibrations. She help me to achieve a better balance of body and mind. I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to understand my inner power and release all the stress. Thanks to her expertise I realised that I’ve past the trauma both psychologically (fears) and physically by learning what stretches are most effective for me.
- Armia Ahmada (Jul 2021)
I started training with Afef about a year ago to lose weight, and not only has she help me shed weight and tone, she’s helped me transition to a healthier lifestyle in order to sustain the weight loss. Using a mix of methods, including kickboxing, which I look forward to every week, Afef ensures I stick to my plan and stay committed on my journey. She’s incredibly encouraging and easy to talk to, and offers a wealth of information. I also really highly recommend her sound healing classes. What I also love about training with her is that the diet she gives has no fancy ingredients and is very doable, featuring all natural ingredients. If you’re looking to lose weight, or just get healthy… Afef is who you need to go to!
- Arti (Jul 2021)
Afef is one of the best coaches that I have worked with. I was suffering from obesity and my weight was 87, now im 63, she didn't only help me loosing weight but also helped me with my kyphosis that I was suffering from all my life, with Afef nutrition and workout plan Im more confident then ever with my body and my mental health, the journey with Afef is amazing and im still training with her online despite the timezone difference she doesn't make you feel that. now my life have a meaning im enjoying it. thanks from my heart I highly recommend her.
- salma Ayari (Jul 2021)
You want real results, holistic approach and coach that actually cares about getting you to where you want to be, she's your girl!! 7 hours of timezone difference and she was always there, available and motivating, every step of the way.
- Myriam Mekni (Jul 2021)
I had a slipped disc in my lower back caused by an injury in a gym, and as a result, dreaded any sort of exercise. I gained so much weight, lost confidence and was generally unhappy. My sciatic pain was quite regular despite a cocktail of medication, sometimes to the point where I could barely stand or sit. Afef has performed nothing short of a miracle as my slipped disc is no longer detectable. I lost more than 25 kilos, fallen in love with my body and enjoying activities I previously thought were not suitable for me. I cannot thank her enough for giving me a new chance at life!
- Nesrine Alubaidi (Jul 2021)
I always wanted to try a personal trainer but could never find the right fit. After 2 pregnancies, and accumulated weight, Afef was able to finally help me get back to feeling good about myself again. She is knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and truly cares about her clients. Her honestly and sense of humour makes it really easy to get along with her.
- Marie-Eve Knot (Jul 2021)
Since the beginning of the year, I had been facing back issues. It was misdiagnosed as slipped disk, and I was close to surgery. when my wife who happens to train with Afef mentioned it to her, and Afef highly recommended seeing a physiotherapist, turns out a part of my spine had degenerated but it was totally fixable through diet and exercise without the need of any surgery. I have been training with Afef for three months and I ve gone from barely able to bend and having back pains to pain free under her guidance through various exercices including yoga and strengthening, I have not only lost weight but also fixed my back issue. I really appreciate Afef's natural approach to treating body issues and would highly recommend her!
- Shyam Krishnan (Jul 2021)
ADQ&A Community spotlight Afef is my personal trainer, and perhaps she is the coolest lady in Abu Dhabi! She is absolute powerhouse of fitness. She is currently training my whole family. She is though but so encouraging and supportive. The change to my children's body confidence in just a handful of weeks has been amazing. I highly recommend here to anyone who wants a life transformation experience!
- Freya Jaffar (Jul 2021)
Afef is not only a personal trainer she’s someone who takes care of her clients, she has been a life coach who has taught me and inspired me to make fitness a lifestyle and not a chore. It has been a journey from spending 8 hours of my life in the office building up fat and cellulite to now a confident woman who looks forward to her workouts and understands eating habits. Thank you for existing Afef
- Monia Khairallah (Jul 2021)
Afef was my personal trainer for a few months leading up to my wedding. She made sure I fit into my wedding dress and looked amazing in it! My confidence as a bride came from the fitness Afef instilled in me. My fitness radically improved while training with her and it’s safe to say I looked the best than I had in my whole life. I’m so glad she came into my life and made me fall in love with my body, working out and taking care of myself. She’s the perfect trainer if you are looking for a complete life transformation. The results with Afef become addictive because you can see your body changing with every session.
- Zainab (Jul 2021)

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