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I really couldn’t recommend Chris highly enough. I find his style truly authentic, with an emphasis on the individuals capability and form. He is professional, approachable and helpful with a great sense of humor. His classes I attend seem to fly by and I always leave feeling a wonderful sense of calm (yet stretched and energized). Thank you, Chris, for your insights and I look forward to the continued yoga journey 🙏🏻
- Kelly (Jun 2024)
This is my practice. There are many others like it but this one is mine. It is easy and fun.
- Francesca (Jun 2024)
Chris's classes are varied, beneficial and entertaining, and always leave me feeling as if I have achieved something. I'm 74 and fairly arthritic so many, i.e. most, of the exercises and poses are challenging, but I appreciate Chris's vigilance and acknowledgement that adaptations are often necessary. This latter is something not all teachers share. His sense of humour is a big plus too. Chris also gave me a sports massage for a lingering hip strain, which helped speed up recovery significantly.
- Chris Blenkarn (Jun 2024)
Chris is an exceptional Yoga teacher, truly inspiring and very attractive! He is attentive, jovial and his Yoga lessons are always inclusive, varied and well structured. He has a high level of regard for the abilities of all who attend his classes and he also performs Massage which I can highly recommend, outstanding! Thank you Chris x
- Helen (Jul 2023)
I have been working with Chris to improve fitness and strength and also to learn how to use kettlebells and associated exercises. Chris is patient, kind, safe and knowledgeable. Instructions are clearly explained and routines are varied so while you are working hard you are always learning new routines to improve fitness! The aim of the fitness venture was to improve strength and fitness this has certainly happened with Chris’ help and encouragement.
- Amanda (Jun 2023)
Thank you Amanda, it’s always great seeing people progress on their journey.
- Adapting Fitness - Chris Childs (Jun 2023)
Have been practicing Hatha Yoga under Chris‘s instructions for some years now initially in face to face classes but since the pandemic mainly via his online classes. Chris always provides clear instructions and appropriate corrections and constantly varies the content to keep us working hard. He also has a great sense of humour and will let us know if he thinks we are slacking in any way whilst also providing suitable alternative poses and encouragement if we are struggling with injuries. Would definitely recommend his classes if you are thinking of trying yoga
- Patricia Penfold (Jun 2023)
Thank you Patricia 🙏
- Adapting Fitness - Chris Childs (Jun 2023)
Returned to yoga after covid and an illness. Didn't realise how much I had missed it, and how my body had. Attended a trial class with Chris and really enjoyed it. Chris varies his classes, fully explains the poses and supports you to do more than you think you can whilst having a laugh at times. Would highly recommend people give it a go. So good for strength and balance improving health into later years.
- BRONI (Jun 2023)
Glad you are back to yoga Broni 😊
- Adapting Fitness - Chris Childs (Jun 2023)
Chris teaches different styles of yoga, I have attended and tried each one. All poses are always fully explained but you will be corrected if you’re not in the correct position which will help you get the most benefit out of the classes. Each week the routines are slightly different so you never become bored which helps with your progress. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to your mobility. It is worth attending for the relaxation time at the end of a class, I thought he was joking when he said how well I would sleep after this but you need to try for yourself. Definitely recommend Chris for all his exercise classes 👍
- Michele Fisher (Jun 2023)
Thank you Michele!
- Adapting Fitness - Chris Childs (Jun 2023)
Kettlercise is a good all round work out for the body. Chris does an excellent job of explaining each move of the class, ensuring posture and form is correct as well as keeping you motivated with music and his witty comments🤣 Definitely one to try
- Joanna Willis (Jun 2023)
THanks Joanna
- Adapting Fitness - Chris Childs (Jun 2023)
An excellent instructor, extremely knowledgeable, patient and thorough with explaining techniques and helpful tips. Would highly recommend to anyone no matter what experience you may have.
- Patrick Burnside (Jun 2023)
Thanks Patrick
- Adapting Fitness - Chris Childs (Jun 2023)
Chris is an exceptional Yoga teacher! I came to Yoga in my 50’s having always practiced Pilates (which I love). I’d tried and dismissed Yoga before and never really ‘got it’ but after just one of Chris’s classes I was hooked. He is patient and explains each pose perfectly. After just a few sessions you’ll be surprised at how much you improve - in fact, even by the end of your first class you won’t believe what you have achieved. It’s not just the poses though. The relaxation, breath and mindfulness really help you to achieve the pose and to clear everything else from your mind and just focus on the moment.
- Lorraine Osborne (Jun 2023)
Thank you Lorraine, glad you enjoy it so much
- Adapting Fitness - Chris Childs (Jun 2023)
Kettle bell classes were great Adaptive to all abilities and very knowledgeable
- Harrison barraclough (Jun 2023)
I'm glad you benefit from it Harrison
- Adapting Fitness - Chris Childs (Jun 2023)

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