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Adapting Fitness - Chris Childs

Yoga can be modified for everyone, you just need to find a style and a teacher that suits you. If you think yoga probably won't be of benefit to you for some reason give it a try and I'm sure I can change your mind. If you already know you like yoga, then see what you think of my style of teaching.

I called my company Adapting Fitness, because I believe fitness can be adapted for everyone no matter what their limitations or how much they dislike any form of exercise. I was a very fit person that really loved exercise, the harder it was the more I loved it (my main sport became cross-country skiing). But over the years, work, promotions and life in general got in the way of training I started getting a bad back that was becoming worse and worse. Eventually I was told I had two lots of spinal damage and arthritis in my spine - that I would be on painkillers for the rest of my life and if I ever exercised again I would end up crippled. I disagreed. Completely. Since then I have become a great believer in the \"use it or lose it\" mentality. I no longer suffer from back pains (unless I stop exercise for a couple of weeks) Eventually I decided to become a Personal Trainer so that I would no longer have to keep travelling away/abroad to work. A couple of years later I completed my first Yoga Teacher Training. Yoga has greatly helped me improve as a person. I love seeing the joy and satisfaction clients get when they reach their goals, whether through Yoga, Personal Training, or a combination of the two. You may want to do yoga for a specific reason, such as to help improve a bad back, or you may just want to improve your practise. Give me a shout (book a discovery call) and see what we can achieve together. \"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.\"

Adapting Fitness (August 2016 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga Teacher / Personal Trainer

IOTAS (April 2013 – April 2016)

Job Title: Global Training Manager

CJC Comms LTD (September 1995 – April 2013)

Job Title: Telecoms Consultant

British Army (September 1984 – September 1995)

Job Title:


200hr YTT

(July 2020)


Gravity Yoga

(June 2020)


Hatha YTT

(December 2018)

Active IQ

L3 Personal Trainer

(December 2016)


Kettlebell S&C

Kettlebell Specialist (April 2018)


Conditioning Coach

(August 2019)

Teesside University

Telecommunications and Computer Theory

(June 1994)

I joined the Army at 16, working on maintenance and repair of telecommunications equipment. Learn the first principles of how things are meant to work and it gets easier to see what is wrong and how to fix it (or work around it) That applies to how the human body should work too. It is not always that straight forward, but it is a good starting point.

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