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Amanda Bewertung Amanda Unterrichtet eine Abwechslungsreiche Yogastunde und ist eine einfühlsame und erfahrene Lehrerin. Sie bietet superschöne Stunden, gute Abwechslung aus herausfordernden Positionen und Entspannung.Trotz der räumlichen Umstände ( Raum in einem Fitness Studio der US Army)bietet Amanda eine angenehme Stimmung und entspannende Atmosphäre. Sie ist eine liebe Yogalehrerin! Auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen :) met Amanda at the tower barracks fitness center a gym at a military installation in Germany . I took my first class and it felt familiar right away. Her class is calm yet energizing. With her knowledge she will make sure every student
- Gerda Shaffer (Oct 2023)
Amanda is a great Yoga instructor. It’s her passion!! She pays attention to all of her students and creates classes, so everyone can experience the power of Yoga. I love to join her classes and feel always positive energized 🧘🏼‍♀️❤️
- Doris Renedo (Oct 2023)
Although I participated only one time because of my schedule, I had a great experience. The feedback I get from the participants have been very satisfying. Amanda is very knowledgeable in subject matter, I appreciate her contribution in volunteering her time to teach us Yoga when we need it the most. Amanda has been a great asset in our Spiritual Readiness Initiative program. Thank you Amanda for the support and your professionalism 🙏🏾
- Frantzy (Mar 2023)
Amanda has been a wonderful yoga instructor. I joined her prenatal yoga class as a way to get out of the house, meet new people, and stay active throughout my pregnancy. I didn’t have much yoga experience before, but am always able to keep up and understand each position easily! Amanda was very welcoming and made me want to continue to go to each class. I always feel so relaxed and relieved of my stress after each class! I definitely recommend!!
- Hailey (Jun 2022)
Amanda is a great and knowledgeable instructor! I have had the pleasure of taking her prenatal yoga classes and her all-levels yoga classes and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single class. I leave class feeling refreshed and relaxed while getting in a good stretch and workout. Amanda pays attention to each student and helps everyone with the appropriate modification when needed. I love that she walks me and all the students though each pose so that each pose is comfortable and correct. Lastly, each class is fun while also being educational. I have learned so much and I look forward to going to class each week!
- Gabrielle Hollis (May 2022)
Amanda is a generous soul and a great yoga teacher! Over the past few months she has freely given up her time to come to our cold motor pool to lead and teach my Soldiers yoga during PT hours after high-demand work days. It has been so fun to watch them learn about this form of exercise and recovery and I am so grateful to Amanda for her patience and ability to teach to even the most basic of students.
- Hutch (May 2022)
Amanda is the greatest yoga instructor I have ever had! She makes sure to welcome students in and really makes sure they understand what the class and stretches are for. Her many years of experience allows her class to be easily followed and come to great benefit for her student. She has been my prenatal yoga instructor since I was a little over halfway from my first trimester and the outcome has been phenomenal! She has always made sure to provide alternative positioning to accommodate any stage of pregnancy in the class. Amanda is seriously the best!
- Devanhy Gonzalez (May 2022)
I practice most days independently. However I love attending every one of Amanda’s classes my schedule will allow! She is a very thoughtful instructor and does a great job of checking in with students to ensure they get the most out of the class. I find yoga is a great way to reset my body in between workouts and it’s also helped me reach my fitness goals!
- Samanza Smith (May 2022)
So happy to be able to attend a yoga class that suits my hectic schedule, first of all. A lot of the classes offered are during the day and conflicts with my working schedule. The quality of Amanda's classes have allowed me not only to continue my 25+ yrs practice, but also to relearn poses that I haven't practiced for some time. Her detailed queuing helps me get into poses without needing to look at her, which helps me focus on how to get my body into the highest quality of the asanas. I recommend her class for all levels!🧘🏽‍♀️🤙🏽
- J. Kalena Salvador (May 2022)
Great instructor , So down to earth she creates a very neutral environment where everyone is comfortable and there’s always good vibes 🌞
- Stacey (May 2022)
i started doing yoga with Amanda as our instructor about half way through my pregnancy. during those classes i had never felt so relaxed and stretched out. she is very attentive and just an all around amazing person. i wish i had known about her classes sooner, now i’m due to give birth anytime and haven’t been able to attend, but can’t wait until i can again. my week isn’t the same without a yoga class from her !
- hailey murphy (May 2022)
I love going to Amanda’s classes! I’m an experienced/intermediate yogi and I get a great workout each class. Amanda is accommodating no matter your level. She provides a variety of flows for every level. Each class is different! Not only does my heart rate go up, she provides great restorative poses that focuses around great breathing techniques to calm our bodies and minds. I’m learning a lot from her classes and enjoy them very much!
- Sarah (May 2022)
Great instructor, very helpful with a first timer. Can assist in teaching the basics and more complex lessons in yoga. All while keeping it at an easy to understand level.
- Dwayne (May 2022)
Amanda is a fantastic yoga instructor! Her yoga practice is a great mix of strength, flow, deep breathing and relaxation. I love taking her classes!! 🧘🏼‍♀️🕉
- Renedo Doris (May 2022)
Excellent yoga instructor! She is a very patient and kind teacher. I always feel more balanced and calm after taking her class. Highly recommend her to anyone interested in yoga.
- Jessica (May 2022)
Amanda is the most warm, welcoming yoga instructor I’ve ever had the pleasure of practicing with. She’s informative, thorough, and has made my pregnancy so much more relaxed since joining her prenatal class! I look forward to working with her in the future and would encourage any and everyone in our area to join her for a class at least once! You’ll love it! ❤️
- Holly Dixon (May 2022)
Amanda is a fantastic yoga instructor. She’s well experienced and very patient to her students, always able to provide professional advices and adjustments to my postures. She’s good at giving clear instructions during class. I’ve learned so much from going to her class. Extraordinary!
- Jordan (May 2022)
I have had a lot of body aches and pains throughout my early adult years. Taking Amanda’s classes have helped me deal with it and have made it extremely better for my daily life. She’s an amazing yoga instructor and geared towards all levels of experience.
- Emily Hoag (May 2022)
My back had been hurting quite badly for years until I started taking Amandas' yoga class. After a couple months, it felt good as new, and my flexibility has improved drastically.
- Tyler (May 2022)
Tyler, it was a pleasure working with you, and I'm so glad your back is feeling better! Always excited to introduce people in pain to the incredible benefits of yoga. :-)
- Amanda Ray (May 2022)

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