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Anna Wilson Bean

If you are stressed and need an hour to escape, then I can help, through yoga! I can teach you how to establish a self-care routine and learn to physically and mentally decompress. Join me in my gentle yoga classes!

Private lessons
I was under so much stress at my old job that I walked away from a career that I truly loved and retired early. A year later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I turned to oncology yoga for recovery. My little class of four became my support group and my community. A month later, I went to the studio. By this time, I had started chemo again. I was having major issues, but I kept going back. With every class, I got stronger. My shoulder mobility was returning. I wanted to learn everything I could about yoga. I was hooked. Only nine months after starting yoga, I enrolled in yoga training.

Yoga Beans (January 2022 – Present)

Job Title: Yoga Instructor

MidMichigan Health (August 1999 – December 2019)

Job Title: Medical Technologist

Central Michigan University


B.S. (December In Progress)

YogaBody Teachers College


(November In Progress)

I love yoga and pilates.

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